Acupuncture for facial pain

Facial pain is related to several different types of pain that all have in common that they are associated with the face, jaw and oral cavity. It is estimated that up to 10% of the population suffers from pain in the jaw joint and facial muscles. Facial pain affects women more often than men. Diseases in which facial paralysis and facial sensory nerves are affected are more rare cases.

Headaches and migraines  are not considered chronic facial pain.

What are the causes of facial pain?

Chronic facial pain can occur in the skin, mucous membranes, muscles, joints, tendons, sensory nerves and dental nerves, and is divided into three main groups:

  • Pain associated with inflammatory conditions. Sinusitis or inflammation of the nerves of the teeth can, after a long-lasting inflammation, set in as chronic facial pain. But rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can also affect the jaw joint and make the natural jaw function difficult.
  • Damage to the sensory nerves of the face.  During surgical removal of a wisdom tooth, where the roots are close to the mandibular sensory nerve, subsequent facial pain is often experienced. Nerve damage can also be caused by fractures of the lower jaw or by blows or lesions (trauma) on the cheekbone, which can cause chronic pain conditions. Certain diseases can also affect the sensory nerves of the face, including pain associated with shingles .
  • Pain where the cause is unknown and there is neither inflammation nor damage to the sensory nerves. Ex. can be chronic heartburn or pain in the jaw muscles.

Depending on the frequency and types of pain, facial pain can often be effectively treated with acupuncture, as there will be immediate relief. After a few treatments, many will experience a marked decrease in the intensity of the pain.

Treatment at Apunkt

At Apunkt, we have over 20 years of experience in treating patients against, among other things, disorders associated with facial pain. In order to be able to treat correctly, it is important to first be diagnosed correctly. We therefore adapt an individual treatment course to the individual patient, where we jointly prepare your medical record.

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