The Body Institute

‘Become the best version of yourself’.

The Body Institute is a holistic treatment clinic located in the heart of Copenhagen. We offer B:A:M body treatments , M:A:M training courses, individual cleansing courses and retreats that detox your body and mind.

Your body is an amazing machine that needs to be taken care of. Our approach is therefore a combination of treatments, training, cleansing and diet. And of course we consider your mental well-being in everything we offer.

The body institute’s founder, Martin Bonde Mogensen , is co-founder of the treatment system B:A:M (Body-All-Mind).

What is B:A:M treatment?

A treatment that combines techniques such as deep massage, reflexology, acupressure and loosening of the joints in the body. In addition, work is done with breathing exercises and conversation therapy. 

What is MAM training?

MAM training is a dynamic and in-depth form of training. A kind of ‘do it yourself’ version of our treatments. The training is based on several of the Eastern forms of training: e.g. yoga, tai chi and karate. The training loosens tension in muscles and joints and rebuilds and stimulates the body.

The Body Institute’s own travel agency, Zen Luxury Travels , arranges retreats to several different destinations – e.g. Ayurvedic ‘Power Retreat’ in Sri Lanka or detox ‘Juice Retreat’ in Marrakech. Our retreats reset your body and boost it with renewed energy. 

Diet is an important part of your health. The Body Institute has published several books that guide you to a healthier lifestyle. Take e.g. a detox juice cure with ‘ The fattest juice cure’ or cleanse your body with a 24-day cleansing course with ‘The fat fast’.

Welcome to the Body Institute .